Religious Buildings

Beyond Clean, A Christian Company

Beyond clean is founded on the principals of integrity and doing the right thing. We take great pride in the work we perform and the customers that we have. We support the church and make the church not just a building but make it what it really is- a home to Brothers and Sisters. This home should be clean. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. God's house of worship should be and is a CLEAN place of worship with Beyond Clean. Here is a testimonial from one of our church's members-

"When I walk into the fellowship hall, I am amazed at the smell! It doesn't smell like chemicals, but fresh!"            - Pam Barron

The smell of our products offer a warm welcome of essential oil blends that are safe and harm-free to any visitor. Visitors come and go. Visitors that stay liked something about the church. We want the smell and cleanliness to be a great first impression on each potential member that comes in the door. 

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